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Duckeck Family

Welcome to the website of the Duckeck Family.

The name Duckeck is a German name, although it sounds like a Slavic name. From east Europe the names Douschek or Dubcek are well known. The German Duckeck is never written with b, ch or sch, but there are several different ways to write the name: Duckeck, Dukeck, Duckek or Dukek. All four possibilities exist. But Duckeck is the most common one, so we will use this version throughout this site and always mean all respective ways to write it.

How this name originated is not really clear, but there is a rather good theory about it. Have a look at the History section for more info. This information is completed by some facts about Genealogy, as some Duckecks in Germany are very interested in their family history.

By registering the domain duckeck.com, the author of this site made this name inavailable for all other Duckecks. As this site is strictly non commercial, every Duckeck on the world may inscribe for a mail forwarder and a third level domain with his name. Both is free for "real" Duckecks, availability of the name provided. For more info look at inscription. Additionally sites with a relation to the Duckeck family are listed in the links.

If you still want more, send me an e-mail: contact. I am always interested in good ideas to improve the site.

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